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Printable Poster For Sea Sol Event

The poster relates to the event on Tuesday 18th September.


Sparrows' Nest Donations Appeal

Sparrows' Nest 2012 Appeal for Donations. You can also visit


Notts Uncut Great British Street Party

Notts Uncut Great British Street Party poster


‘too Much Of This Sort Of Thing’ Atos Two Pamphlet

In September 2011 two Nottingham residents, a retired paediatric nurse and a wheelchair user, were arrested at the local Atos ‘Healthcare’ assessment centre. This pamphlet looks into the wider context of their case. It also offers practical suggestions for persons who need to claim disability benefits & support and/or want to engage in direct action. PRINTED COPIES availab...


The Scoundrel #3

<!-- @page { margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } --> For the third issue of The Scoundrel it’s time to do something different. Having worked out a formula that could be run with forever, it’s time to break up the pattern and develop something new. For this issue The Scoundrel will be examining the local anarchist milieu and running a critical comb through the find...


The Scoundrel #2

Welcome to the age of austerity - where the poorest are punished whilst the rich make a profit. Where the vulnerable are the subject of popular hatred and the robber barons are put on a pedestal. If you have to rely on benefits you are a dirty parasite who must be forced into work and put under constant surveillance and harassment by the state. If you are 'fortunate' enough to have a shitty jo...


Hmic Report Into Policing Protest

"A review of national police units which provide intelligence on criminality associated with protest," published today by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC). This looks at the deployment of undercover officers into political groups in the aftermath of the Mark Kennedy debacle. BBC report Guardian report


The Scoundrel

Greetings and welcome to a new paper that we hope will give the powers that be some discomfort over the coming months.The Scoundrel is an offensive and probably illegal publication that isn't too bothered about becoming respectable or even acceptable. We want to bring a bit of oxygen to the glowing embers of social warfare that lie all around.The Scoundrel is not a mouthpiece for any organisati...


Rose Report On The Ratcliffe Trial

A copy of the report by Sir Christoper Rose into disclosure of evidence during the Ratcliffe 114 trials. Taken from the CPS website. Ben Stewart, one of the 20 protesters whose convictions was quashed, has already denounced the report as "the whitest of whitewashes". More info CPS press release Guardian report BBC report


Notts Sos Newsletter No.7 November 2011

The anniversary issue of Notts SOS newsletter, no. 7, November 2011 is out. Our latest newsletter includes an overview of the year's campaigning plus forthcoming action. We welcome new and updated information about local campaigns and about cuts to services.


Atos Day Of Action Flyer Nottingham 30th Sept

Flyer for ATOS event on Friday 30th September 2011 Event details:


Affinity Issue #4: Patriarchy

This is the fourth issue of Affinity, exploring the importance of challenging patriarchy in our struggle against the dominant culture. * Please be warned, this zine includes descriptions of physical and sexual abuse * Affinity is an irregular zine providing space for critical analysis and discussion of strategies for resisting domination and struggling against the current system. Previous iss...


Selston Election: Fascists Defeated Overwhelmingly

The BNP candidate and two so called "independent nationalists" suffered a HUGE electoral defeat in the Selston by-election that took place on Thursday September 15th. Their total vote was seven and a half times LESS than the combined vote of the winning three candidates. Last Sunday Nottingham Unite Against Fascism distributed nearly 1000 leaflets in an anti-nazi campaign. Many thanks to all t...


Don't Vote Nazi

Three fascist candidates are standing in the local Selston election on Thursday 15 September. Alan Edward Parsons is standing as BNP. Edward Holmes and Hilda Holmes are standing as "Independent Nationalists." Both Edward and Hilda Holmes's stood recently as BNP candidates in Hucknall and Sutton in Ashfield. Nottingham Unite Against Fascism distributed hundreds of leaflets today in Selston...


Notts Uncut Newsletter September/October

Notts Uncut September/October Newsletter


Notts Uncut Newsletter The Pride Edition!

Welcome to our special Pride edition! If you have any contributions for future issues please e-mail


Notts Uncut Newsletter 3 The Strike Edition!

Please print and distribute if you can.


Kay Cutts Vs Queer Bulletin

According to the Post, the latest edition of Queer Bulletin, a local newsletter for Nottinghamshire's LGBT community has been removed from displayin county libraries. It appears that issue 60 of the newsletter is still available in libraries but is not displayed as usual, because of a frontpage story attacking council leader Kay Cutts' decision to slash funding for the Lesbian and Gay Switchbo...


Notts Sos Newsletter No.6 June 2011

The latest Notts SOS newsletter (no.6) for June 2011 covers the recent ‘Save Our NHS' protests at the government ‘listening events' in Nottingham and Notts, the outstanding success of the campaign to save the Hayward House Daycare unit on the City Hospital site, and update on the Sherwood Forest campaign, sustained protest in the city about corporate tax avoidance by Notts Uncut, pl...


Notts Uncut Newsletter Issue 2

Notts Uncut have released issue 2 of our newsletter. We are also in the process of planning our latest action - we'd love to see you there.


Star-blue1 The Paper Nottingham Uni Doesn't Want You To Read

Since the University of Nottingham put legal pressure on BISA to take down Rod Thornton's paper, we thought it would be a good idea to make it available in as many places as possible. Enjoy!


Star-blue1 Notts Sos Newsletter No. 5 May 2011

The latest offering from Notts Save Our Services bringing together anti-cuts ongoings in Nottingham and Nottinghamsire. You can visit the Notts SOS website for a Word version and back issues of the newsletter.


Star-blue1 Dangerous Conversations

Dangerous Conversations is a project born out of the struggle to end systems of domination. Our involvement in movements described as anarchist, activist, horizontalist, and so on has been at times inspiring and at other times disillusioning and frustrating. This zine is not aimed at Anarchists or Activists but at anyone who struggles against the many forms of domination that blight our lives: ...


Notts Tuc Newsletter

Newsletter produced by Notts TUC with information on strikes by Notts County Council workers and lecturers as well as the CWU anti-privatisation march, defending pensions and more.


Star-blue1 Notts Uncut Newsletter No. 1 April 2011

The first of Notts Uncut newsletters. Come to the next event and take action against corporate tax avoiders! Also check out the new website:


Star-blue1 Notts Sos Newsletter #4 March/April 2011

Issue No. 4 highlights NHS, Academies and Save Sherwood Forest local campaigns. Previous newsletters are here: No. 3 - Feb 2011 No. 2 - Dec 2010 & No. 1 - Nov 2010


(Not) Wanted Jon Collins

On March 17th, Nottingham City Council met to agree a budget which slashed millions of pounds from vital services. Campaigners disrupted the meeting, forcing it to be halted for almost an hour. Later on they were also able to confront council leader Jon Collins. Apart from making various excuses about why he was passing on central government cuts, Collins claimed that he would be attending the...


Star-blue1 Affinity Issue #3: Mental Health

The third issue of Affinity explores the complexities of mental health, providing two personal perspectives on how the struggle to maintain a healthy mind can affect our battles for dignity and freedom against a sick society. Affinity is an irregular zine providing space for analysis and critical reflection on strategies for resisting the dominant culture. Previous issues on privilege and viol...


Notts Sos Newsletter #3

The third edition of the Notts SOS newsletter is now available. This weeks edition includes reports on action around libraries, Sherwood Forest and tax avoiding companies. There's also a list of upcoming events.


Star-blue1 Burnt Flag: Winter 2011

The latest edition of your favourite militant antifascist rag is here. Download, print and distribute!

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