Veggies: Internet Fraud Warning

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Internet Fraud WarningDo Not Pay Any Fees As A Result Of An Offer Made By Email

Veggies Catering Campaign has been victim of Identity Theft leading to anemployment scam via a fake email job offer.

The real victims of the fraud are people from overseas who may be conned into paying fees to follow up a fake job offer from Veggies.

The original scam email pretends to come from Veggies, but is actually sent by . This has already been identified as a fake address by Yahoo Answers, where you can read more about this kind of scam. Their advice is to “always be wary of any unsolicited approaches from strangers that offer you jobs”.

The recipient of the email believes that they have been offered a position as an General Accountant Staff, at a salary of £4,500 per month (this is actually 10 times what our actual co-op members receive!)

As well as being asked to sign and return a copy of an attached contract of employment, they are required to pay approx £350 for Home Office “work permit and entrance clearance fees”, with 24 hours. We have yet to find out the method by which the payment should be made. No doubt after 24 hours the bank account will have been emptied and the fraudsters moved to their next target.

We are currently (Jan’13) receiving emails and calls to our landline and mobile number from the United Arab Emirates, Kerala (south-west India) and Bulacan in the the Philippines. We have even received back signed copies of the supposed contract. We greatly regret that people are being targeted and may already have been fooled into paying fees as a result of this heartless scam.

Do Not Pay Any Fees As A Result Of An Offer Made By Email

This scam has been reported to the Action Fraud helpline, who are keen to hear from anyone who has been a victim of this fraud.

Read more and contact Action Fraud at If you believe you are a victim of this particular fraud quote the reference NFRC130100135761

We have also reported the scam to">Trading Standards, with the reference AB10968088


Whenever we receive emails that seem to good to be true, which are unexpected or perhaps badly written, we do a google search for a key phrase from the message. We often find that search results lead us to information posted at the website.

From our experiences we have also published advice for identifying spam on ourSpamish Inquisition page.

A clause in the fake Employment Letter has mistakenly retained the name of chocoholic Ltd, presumably a previous victim of the same scam.

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