Nottingham Post: New social housing plans cut again

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The City Council's five-year housing plan has been cut again. The Council is demolishing 900 homes including the Lenton flats, and several large blocks of flats along Alfreton Road in Radford. Their original plan was to build 500 new homes, which clearly wouldn't be enough to make up for those lost. Now this figure has been cut again to 350 new homes. In other words, roughly 2 in 3 of those being moved out of the existing housing will not be rehoused.

The Council claim they are carrying out the demolitions because it is too costly to bring the old housing up to Decent Homes standard. However, the areas in question are popular with developers looking to build lucrative student accommodation and cynics have suggested that the Council are looking to make a quick buck at the expense of vulnerable social tenants.

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