HM Court of Appeal: Lord Chief Justice Appeal Judgement on Ratcliffe20

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Lord Chief Justice Court of Appeal Judgement Mr Justice Treacy - Barkshire and others Vs R 20 July 2011

After yesterdays hearing in the Court of Appeal on the Racliffe Power Station case ... convictions of the first 20, up before Nottingham Crown Court were quashed. These are some reports.

Undercover police officer unlawfully spied on climate activists, judges rule: Mark Kennedy acted as agent provocateur, says appeal court judgment quashing Ratcliffe-on-Soar conspiracy convictions

Rob Evans and Paul Lewis. Guardian 20 July 2011

Judges criticise Ratcliffe prosecution non-disclosure - BBC 20 July 2011


..... and now we wait for the enquiries [all of them] and the civil actions.

Mark Kennedy's secret tapes: CPS launches wide-ranging inquiry -The Guardian 13 July 2011

DPP announces details of independent inquiry into Ratcliffe-on-Soar cases - CPS 13 July 2011

The Appeal court judges ruled the convictions were unsafe.

Following the ruling, Nottinghamshire Police said it was “extremely disappointed” with the decision.

So ...... there you have it!



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