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October 23, 2011 13:00

market square


In ‘square’

University & College Union Strike Action


Thursday 31 October 2013

Pickets had been out across Nottingham and Trent Universities from 7.00am onwards.

Having cycled around various Trent locations, I have to say that students and staff largely ignored the call and so much of the university appeared to me to operating normally.

NUT Teachers Regional Strike Action


11.00am Market Square, Nottingham

About 300 - 400 members of the National Union of Teachers marched from the Forest Ground to Market Square for a rally to listen to speeches. 

Anti-Bedroom Tax Demo at the Council House


1.00pm Monday 8th July 2013

Folks gathered to protest at the progress of the bedroom tax and the stress it is causing.


Dance and Tricks in the Market Square: Video

Dance and Tricks in the Market Square

Saturday 15th June 2013

YouTube Video :: http://youtu.be/u-Dw1mrcUFM

People demonstrating at govt action in Turkey


4.00pm Saturday 1st June 2013

Turkish and Kurdish people protested at development in Turkey after the forced eviction of an environmental / occupy camp, to protest at the development of green space, a park.

A Further Bedroom Tax Demo


1.00pm Saturday 1st June 2013

100 people gathered for a static demonstration at the Brian Clough Statue / Speakers Corner.

Video of some of the speeches at the protest. Speaker's Corner, Nottingham


Bedroom Tax Demo, Speaker's Corner

1.00pm on Saturday 1st June at Speaker's Corner, Nottingham

Video of some of the speeches at the protest. 

Speaker's Corner, Nottingham



Monsanto Demo in the Market Square: Pictures


1.00pm 25th March 2013 Market Square, Nottingham

Monsanto Demo: Videos


1.00pm 25th March 2013 Market Square, Nottingham

Demo Against Monsanto


Mayday Events 2 Rally


11.00am Saturday 4th May 2013

"May the fourth be with you!"

Gathering on the Forest ground, people assembled for the annual parade and rally. 

Mayday Events 1 Parade


11.00am Saturday 4th May 2013

"May the fourth be with you!"

Gathering on the Forest ground, people assembled for the annual parade and rally. 

Nottm People gather to celebrate Thatcher's Death


5pm on Monday 8 April 2013

The day dawned...... AT LAST, YAY! 

Margaret Thatcher died before noon today [Monday].  People hearing this spendid news, gathered at the left lion in market square to mark this joyous occasion. 

Freerunners in the Market Square


Saturday 6 April 2013

On Saturday afternoon, photographed the anti-Grand National demo outside Ladbrooks and the return of the Occupy Nottingham folks in the Market Square.

A sunny day, the first time for ages brought out a variety of folks to enjoy the day.  Including a variety of 'Devils' who dropped by at the Occupy stall.  http://nottingham.indymedia.org/articles/5549

[Monday: I know Th…

Saturday afternoon with Occupy Nottingham



Saturday 6 April 2013

Having spent 6 months camping in the Market Square, and then moving out after threat of eviction .... they're back.

This time, they were joined by a few passing devils!!

As you can see from last post at: http://nottingham.indymedia.org/articles/5532 they are trying to make this a regular thing again.....


Protest & Stall opposing the Grand National



Saturday 6 April 2013

Saw a dozen Nottingham activists stage a peaceful protest outside Ladbrokes betting shop in Nottingham city centre, to raise public awareness about the dark side of the Grand National, and also the wider horse and greyhound racing industries. The message was that there is no such thing as a harmless flutter, as if you bet on animal racing then you are literally betting w…

Occupy Nottingham Returns


Friday 5 April 2013

Having spent 6 months camping in the Market Square, and then moving out after threat of eviction .... they're back.

PCS Strike & Demo in Nottingham


12.30pm Wednesday 20th March 2013.  Market Square, Nottingham

Members of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) held a national strike today on Budget Day across the country. To highlight their concerns over pay, pensions and the governments continued austerity measures.  


Dance 'Flash Mob' event in Market Square


Saturday 16th March 2013,

A dance event as part of 'Nottdance Festival 2013' was held on Saturday afternoon in the Market Square, Nottingham.

Bedroom Tax Nottingham Demo


Saturday 16th March 2013

2 - 300 people gathered for a static demonstration at the Brian Clough Statue / Speakers Corner.

Policing Operations: Football on Saturday


Fans starting gathering in the Market Square, Nottingham.

Later in the day, three Wolves fans were arrested. One after a flare was set off inside the ground. Two other arrests were for public order offences. 


Leaflet against the Bedroom Tax in Market Square


12:30 - 2.00pm. Market Square [Left Lion], Nottingham

The static demo is being advertised for Saturday, 16 March 2013 1.00pm at the Brian Clough Statue / Speakers Corner, just off the Market Square

Anonymous Nottingham gather


12.00 Saturday 23 February 2013

Anonymous Nottingham gather in the Market Square, Nottingham.

Then, treking off to visit the usual suspects in tax evasion and worker exploitation.

Barclays, NatWest, Burton/perkins, Boots, Starbucks, RBS, HSBC, Santandar, BHS, etc ...  oh and of course Vodafone, twice {again!!!}. Included in this demo were the Broadmarsh and Victoria Shopping Centres.

Anonymous Nottingham: leafleting for 23rd Feb


12.00pm Market square [and about] Sat 26th January 2013

Some folks from Anonymous Nottingham leafleted central Nottingham to advertise their concerns re govermnets, tax etc

Workfare walk of shame in Nottingham



Saturday 29th September 2012

People met for a Workfare walk of shame at 1.00pm at the Lions, Market Square, Nottingham


World Event Young Artists



Saturday 15th September 2012

Market Square, Nottingham

"World Event Young Artists 2012" have been holding events across Nottingham over the last week.


Night of Festivals : Thursday



Thursday 21 June 2012

Night of Festivals 2012 has started and will take place from 21-23 June 2012, centred on Nottingham’s  Market Square. 


'Green Wave' Rio Eco Protest


Saturday 16 June 2012

At 3.00pm on Saturday, people gathered in front of the Council House, Market Square with banners leaflets and a samba band.

The event was to coincide with the UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro (Rio+20).

The Queen's Security Operations


Nottinghamshire Police security arrangements ahead of the Queens visit to market Square, Nottingham

Public Services Unions Strike and Rally


Thursday 10 May 2012

Public Service workers in health, education and the civil service were striking on Thursday 10 May in their next stage of the pensions dispute. 

Possession Hearing in Court for Nottingham Occupy


Thursday 5 April 2012

On Thursday 5 April, after a couple of earlier dates with the law, campers from Occupy Nottingham appeared at Nottingham County Court, [sitting in the Magistrates Court] Carrington Street.

Campers and supporters protested and displayed banners outside of the court, before and after the hearing. There was some media interest.