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Noise Demo at Morton Hall Detention Centre

July 23, 2011 11:30

Morton Hall IRC, Swinderby, Lincolnshire, LN6 9PT

Morton Hall Noise Demo

October 29, 2011 11:30

Morton Hall IRC, Swinderby, Lincolnshire, LN6 9PT


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Now EDL jump on Skegness bandwagon


Following in the footsteps of the National Front and the BNP, the EDL went to Skegness to demonstrate against the halal slaughterhouse on Saturday. About 40 members of the far right group turned up carrying English and British flags and pictures of cows on sticks. They’re obviously not that clued up on how halal slaughter works.

Anti-immigration protest in Spalding

On Saturday, BNP and EDL supporter Dean Everitt wheeled out the sequel to his Boston anti-immigration protest. The anti-immigration protest in Spalding was timed to fall on the anniversary of Enoch Powell’s famous race-baiting “Rivers of Blood” speech, which is no surprise given the politics of those organising it. 150 people turned up to the call for “No more immigration” which was a dis…

No progress for BNP in Skegness

In spite of their hype, the BNP are failing to make progress on the issue of the Skegness halal slaughterhouse. Their last demo was disappointing, turning out only 30 supporters, some of whom were so disappointed with the local organisation that they handed in their membership cards afterwards. Local activists blamed the time of year and lack of advertising for the poor turnout.

BNP to hold Day of Action in Skegness


Lincolnshire Coastal branch of the BNP have announced that they will be holding a "Day of Action" against the Skegness halal abattoir this weekend. They are meeting at 11.30am on Saturday 12th and advise interested parties to call 0771 4009285 to receive re direction point details.

Morton Hall in revolt again

The situation in Morton Hall immigration detention centre is at boiling point again after a series of incidents around Christmas. The trigger for events was another serious breach of their responsibilities by the detention centre management who failed to deal swiftly with disruptions to the water supply. A large number of detainees refused to return to their cells in protest. A serious disturbance…

Solidarity demo at Morton Hall detention centre


The latest in a series of solidarity demonstrations was held outside Morton Hall detention centre in Lincolnshire today. Two minibuses of people set out to let the nearly 400 detainees know that they have not been forgotten this winter. We spent over an hour moving round the perimeter chanting and making noise so that they would hear us. Some people climbed trees so that our banners would be …

UKIP dominate Boston protest


Yesterday’s demonstration against immigration in Boston seemed to have been a moderate success for the right. In the end, the protest drew 150-300 people according to the Boston Standard. The event seems to have been dominated by local UKIP politician, Chris Pain, whose party’s flag was prominently positioned behind the speakers. Indeed, most of the placards displayed an anti-EU sentiment r…

Boston protest is a far right event


This Sunday will see an anti-immigration march take place in Boston, Lincolnshire. In the past, organiser Dean Everitt has made a big fuss about avoiding being “hijacked” by the far right but we can reveal that Sunday’s static demonstration at the Herbert Ingram memorial is a solidly far right event.

East Mids Anti-fascists: October report


It's been a month dominated by a battle between Boston bigots: Dean Everitt's anti-immigration demo vs. Elliott Fountain's hard right police commissioner bid. It's not been good for the EDL who've been hacked, stabbed in the back and caught out inciting riots and running community organisations into the ground. And meanwhile the BNP have been praising Jimmy Savile.

Introducing Elliott Fountain: candidate for PCC


Elliott Fountain, the English Democrats candidate for Lincolnshire Police & Crime Commissioner, is one of only two far right candidates standing in the East Midlands*. His political hero is Enoch Powell and he has expressed a strong dislike of East European migrants. Fountain has described his approach to crime as “zero tolerance“, which involves “throwing tenants out of houses faster”, expan…

Boston anti-immigration protest back on

Dean Everitt and his badly-named Boston Protest March fb group are planning to hold a static demonstration against immigration in a month’s time. The demonstration will take place on 18th November outside the Herbert Ingram Memorial. Although Everitt says “THIS IS NOT A RACE ISSUE AND RACISIM WONT BE TOLLERATED” it’s hard to imagine the virulently anti-East European sentiment of those who supp…

Desperation at Morton Hall

There was more unrest at Morton Hall Immigration Removals Centre yesterday, when a detainee got on the roof and threatened to commit suicide. According to other detainees the man got on the roof soon after 8am. The centre was put under lockdown and we have been unable to get any news of what happened to the man.

Hunger strike at Morton Hall immigration centre


As many as 100 detainees at Morton Hall Immigration Removals Centre are refusing food in protest against their treatment by the authorities. The protest, which began on Monday night, has also seen protestors take to the roofs of buildings. The centre was under lock down for most of yesterday and detainees were confined to their rooms. A group of supporters who were in touch with people protes…

Solidarity with protest inside Morton Hall


In response to a protest by up to 100 migrant detainees in Morton Hall detention centre, a group held a solidarity protest outside the prison today. We used horns, pots and pans and a megaphone to be heard by detainees behind the razor wire fences, shouting 'Shut down Morton Hall!' and 'Freedom of movement is everybody's right'.

Morton Hall detainees protest during Ramadan

Detainees at an immigration detention centre in Lincolnshire say they are protesting about the centre's disrespect of their Muslim faith. Muslims are fasting during daylight hours as the season of Ramadan begins but detainees say that the centre has no "proper" food available after sunset. They claim that as many as 100 detainees are involved in the protest and that detainees climbed onto the roof…

Great British Circus drag tigers back on the road


The Great British Circus are now calling themselves 'Big Top Productions', with a different website and are the only circus to still use tigers in their shows. They are likely to be in Nottingham soon.

Trouble at Morton Hall IRC

Detainees at Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre in Lincolnshire have been experiencing lengthy periods of lock down since 24th Nov. The following communications have been received from detainees.

LUC Skill Share Report

A report of the first Lincoln Underground Collective Skill Share at the Jolly Brewer, Lincoln on 31st July 2011. Originally advertised here. Event programme available here.

Campaigners target Morton Hall IRC


Activists are stepping up the campaign against Morton Hall IRC, the latest addition to the UK’s detention estate for migrants. Morton Hall, which opened in May, is near Swinderby in Lincolnshire and will imprison 392 men when it is full. Its opening by immigration minister Damian Green was met by a noise demo and protesters returned on Saturday. The detention centre was also the subject of a…

LUC @ IRC Morton Hall

Lucky Devils join the noise protest against IRC Morton Hall, 23rd July 2011.

Morton Hall demo - pics


Some pictures taken at Saturday's noise demo.

Noise demo at Morton Hall detention centre

People from Notts and Lincolnshire held a noise demo outside Morton Hall IRC, the UK's most recently opened prison for migrants. A sound system, horns, whistles and pots and pans were used to let those inside know we were there outside in solidarity, wanting to close down Morton Hall and all immigration prisons. Close down Morton Hall!

Shac solidarity demonstration at Highgate farm


Activists Gathered at Highgate rabbit farm in normanby by spittal to protest against the farm selling rabbits for vivisection at huntingdon life sciences and to show solidarity with the Shac activists that were on trial this week.