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Leicester UAF - emergency public meeting

September 23, 2010 18:30

African Caribbean Centre, Maidstone Road, Leicester LE2 0UA

Solidarity Against the EDL in Leicester

October 09, 2010 00:00


Leicester city centre.

Drones demo: Leicester

December 15, 2011 16:00

Demo on Thursday at 64 Scudamore Road, Leicester outside the Thales factory which makes Watchkeeper drones in partnership with Israeli arms manufacturer Elbit.


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Upsurge in far right activity follows Rigby murder


Since the brutal murder of solider Lee Rigby in Woolwich on 22 May, fascist and far right groups have organised a large number of events aimed at boosting support for their anti-Muslim politics. Anti-fascist monitors, East Midlands Anti-fascists have claimed that the far right has been aiming “to capitalise on a personal tragedy and surf the wave of outrage for their own ends”. A number of fa…

Animal RightsEvents

Read on to support Brinsley Animal Rescue - Anti-AstraZeneca demo in Macclesfield - Fur demos in Derby - Anti-Foston campaign - Peoples Kitchen in aid of anti badger cull campaign - League Against Cruel Sports - Anti Greyhound racing demo - Leicester Green Light festival - Anti Fur demos - Circus Mondao in Burton.

East Mids Anti-fascists: October report


It's been a month dominated by a battle between Boston bigots: Dean Everitt's anti-immigration demo vs. Elliott Fountain's hard right police commissioner bid. It's not been good for the EDL who've been hacked, stabbed in the back and caught out inciting riots and running community organisations into the ground. And meanwhile the BNP have been praising Jimmy Savile.

IDAAMD Leicester


During the Saturday peak shopping time between 12:30 and 15:30, activists from Leicester Animal Rights offered an alternative to McBurgerCulture to shoppers in the form of vegan sweet and savoury snacks sourced from local independent health food shop "Current Affairs" all served with a side order of information leaflets. The stall was pitched directly outside the busy Highcross/clock tower branch …

East Mids Anti-fascists: September report


It's been a month of freefall for the EDL who had two disastrous demos in Walthamstow and Walsall, 3rd in command Tony Curtis of Nottingham, leave in disgust, and their favourite coach company targeted by anti-fascists. Meanwhile a few boneheads from the NF turned up to take back a small park in Skegness from the muslamic animal abusers and generally be ignored by everyone. "East Euro" hater, Elli…

East Mids Anti-Fascists: August report


It's been a month marked by a huge amount of infighting in the far right with BNP vs English Democrats, EDL vs Casuals United and "Zionists" vs Nazis. The far right scented blood after locals protested the decision to lease a building to a Muslim group in Thurnby Lodge, Leicester and even Nick Griffin was seen waddling about trying to get some action. More EDL supporters got banged up for being ra…

Far right stoke community resentments in Leicester


Over the past few weeks, tensions have been building on the Thurnby Lodge estate in Leicester, over plans to convert a disused scout hut into a Muslim community centre. Residents unhappy with the local government decision to lease to the As Salaam charity have staged nightly protests against the group's meetings drawing as many as 250 people. When community tension is high, the parasites of the fa…

July anti-fascist roundup

July saw an anti-immigration march called off in Boston, the EDL rushing to "defend" Derby Pride from the "Islamics", the BNP and English Democrats standing in elections in Corby and Kettering, the conviction of a Leicester EDL member for assault, and a deafening silence from the far right on the subject of white paedophiles in Derby.

Big Flop Productions..


Today activists from across the East Midlands converged on Glen Parva in Leicester to protest one of the last few remaining circuses that continue to use animals.

EDL return to Leicester


On Saturday February 4th the EDL descended on Leicester. The EDL previously visited Leicester in October 2010. This time round, they weren't able to turnout as many supporters, but once again there was a mobilisation of anti-fascists, while local youth organised to defend their own communities.

On the newswire: EDL have sad day out in Leicester | Report – EDL visit to Leicester | Dignity Foun…

Leicester EDL march: route announced

The EDL will be meeting from 11am on Saturday 4th Feb for their Leicester march. The muster point is St Margaret’s Pastures, just outside the ring road. The march will start at 12.30pm when they’ll go onto St Margaret’s Way, Burley’s Way, Abbey St, right onto Belgrave Gate, then Church St and back to St Margaret’s Pastures where they will be allowed a static demo for a limited period of …

EDL to demonstrate in Leicester

The EDL have announced that they will be going to Leicester for their next national demo on 4th Feb. They say that this is in response to the “racist” attack on Rhea Page, who was assaulted by four women of Somali descent in Leicester in June 2010. The women all received suspended sentences in November.

Institutional racism still present in the police

Today two of Stephen Lawrence's murderers were sentenced. Met police chiefs have been out in a public relations frenzy to paint themselves as finally having overcome the 'institutional racism' that the Macpherson inquiry found them guilty of. But recent news of racist coppers who would have been sacked in any other job keeping their jobs suggests otherwise.

Occupy Nottingham: Xmas and New Year in Market Sq


Now almost two and a half months in, the Occupy Nottingham protest camp in Market Square continued through Christmas. The campers have now invited supporters to join them in Market Square on New Year's Eve, to "stand together to begin 2012 as one voice for change & an end to greed!" Meanwhile, occupiers in Leicester have decided to move indoors in order to help "sustain us over the cold winter."

EDL descend on Leicester


On Saturday October 9th, the English Defence League (EDL) brought their heady mix of football hooliganism, racism and copious quantities alcohol to Leicester. There was a mobilisation by local anti-fascists, with local youth organising to defend their own communities.

Newswire: Video: English Defence League Riot in Leicester | EDL in Leicester | "It's not easy being called Anakin Allcock." | Vote…

Vote EDL? I Doubt It

Will the EDL evolve into a legitimate political party or just get pissed instead?

EDL fail to make progress in Leicester

The EDL are already crowing about what a good time they had in Leicester yesterday. It certainly turned out better than Bradford for them, but Bradford was so pitiful that that isn't saying much. They never got to Highfields or St Matthews which were well defended by the local community. They were rounded up onto their coaches by 4.30 and sent home. Most of the local community were disgusted by th…

Have the EDL gone mad?

In response to the Home Secretarys ban on the EDL their leadership have announced that they are going to "pull all police liaison", "remove all stewarding" and "will still march in one way or another". It seems like the moderates have thrown in the towel and the extremists are coming to the fore. It also looks like a bad tactical move for the right wing group.

Antifascists to face EDL in Leicester


The English Defence League are planning to go to Leicester on Sat 9th Oct. Since the announcement of the date, a number of groups have confirmed their intention to oppose the far right group, including autonomous antifascists, the Muslim Defence League and Unite Against Fascism.

Timeline: Notts Indymedia timeline of EDL/anti-fascist protests in Leicester

Newswire: Solidarity Against the EDL …

Solidarity Against the EDL in Leicester


The EDL are planning to hold a demonstration in Leicester on Sat 9th Oct. We are confident that the people of Leicester will be able to defend our community against this racist provocation. However, we call on antifascists to come to Leicester and show solidarity. The EDL's recent Bradford shindig may have shown just what a joke they are but they are not finished yet. Come to Leicester and make su…

Leicester will be the death of the EDL

After getting well and truly battered in Bradford the EDL think that they will rally their troops in Leicester. They hope to forge an unlikely alliance of Sikhs, Hindus and white supremacists against the "muzzies". This will fail and Leicester's strong Asian community will make sure they are sent packing.

EDL coming to Leicester

Following their Bradford disaster you might think the EDL would be retreating to a corner to lick their wounds. Instead they think they can get away with coming to Leicester.

Hunger strike against Leicester animal lab


Protests continue against the construction of an animal lab at the University of Leicester. Activists have targetted various companies involved in the construction, including Willmott Dixon. On Monday June 7, activists held a protest outside the WD's headquarters in Coleshill, Birmingham. One campaigner chained himself to a bench and began a 3 day hunger strike.