Upcoming Events

Derby Pride

July 10, 2010 11:00

Bass Recreation Ground, Derby.

Parade from Forester Street, Derby.

Derby Carnival

July 17, 2010 11:30

Osmaston Park, Derby

Derby Animal Rights fundraising gig

August 01, 2010 16:00

The Old Bell, Saddlergate, Derby DE1 3NQ

Raynesway Vigil

August 06, 2010 15:00

Rolls Royce factory, Raynesway, Derby

Derby Animal Rights meeting

August 18, 2010 21:00

The Thomas Leaper, 27 Iron gate, Derby, DE1 3GL

Int'l Day of Peace - Derby Vigil

September 21, 2010 21:00

Rolls Royce, West Service Rd, Raynesway, Derby DE21 7BD (approx)

One Million Climate Jobs Now!

January 31, 2011 19:30

Friends Meeting House, St Helen’s Street, Derby DE1 3GY

Save Derby Railways Rally

July 23, 2011 10:00

March from Bass' Recreation Ground - Rally at the Silk Mill Museum

Five Broken Cameras - Global Education Derby

April 22, 2013 18:00


12 Bramble Street, Derby, DE1 1HU

Peace and Justice Day

September 14, 2013 08:00

The Guildhall

Market Place




In ‘derby’

You bet, they die! Grand National demo: Derby


Yesterday a dozen Derby campaigners (and one activist dog!) took part in peaceful demonstrations outside of betting shops in Derby city centre to raise awareness about the danger to horses lives in the Grand National, and what happens in the wider horse and greyhound racing industries. They were out campaigning from 11am until after the race started at 4:15pm.

Anti-McDonalds protests mark day of action


The International Day of Action Against McDonalds (16th Oct) was marked by protests against the multinational fast food corporation by protests in Derby and Nottingham. During Saturday lunchtime activists in Derby picketed a city centre branch in protest at its unethical business practices. This was followed by a “mammoth” leaflet distribution on Monday in Nottingham city centre. Activists di…



During the Saturday lunch time rush hours from 12:00 to 14:00, a group of activists spearheaded by Derby Animal Rights demo-ed the busy St. Peters street branch of McDonald's, in protest at the unethical business practices of the fast food giant.

Take action against bloodsports


Animal Rights campaigners from the Derby and Notts area have been campaigning to raise awareness about bloodsports, as with the approach of autumn, hunting season is upon us again.

East Mids Anti-Fascists: August report


It's been a month marked by a huge amount of infighting in the far right with BNP vs English Democrats, EDL vs Casuals United and "Zionists" vs Nazis. The far right scented blood after locals protested the decision to lease a building to a Muslim group in Thurnby Lodge, Leicester and even Nick Griffin was seen waddling about trying to get some action. More EDL supporters got banged up for being ra…

Stand up for staffies!


This weekend just passed Derby Animal Rights did a street stall in Derby City Centre raising public awareness of the suffering of dogs in our society - the plight of the staffie, the failings of 'BSL - breed specific legislation', greyhound racing, dog fighting, puppy farms and the use of dogs in vivisection.


Oven Ready Humans


Earlier today, activists from Derby Animal Rights engaged with Saturday shoppers outside the Guildhall meat and fish market in the centre of Derby, discussing the controversial issue of animal agriculture. In addition to an information stall, two activists were naked, wrapped in meat packaging and labelled up as "oven ready humans", drawing attention to the often overlooked reality that trays of s…

July anti-fascist roundup

July saw an anti-immigration march called off in Boston, the EDL rushing to "defend" Derby Pride from the "Islamics", the BNP and English Democrats standing in elections in Corby and Kettering, the conviction of a Leicester EDL member for assault, and a deafening silence from the far right on the subject of white paedophiles in Derby.

Big Flop Productions..


Today activists from across the East Midlands converged on Glen Parva in Leicester to protest one of the last few remaining circuses that continue to use animals.

Bye bye BNP?

Fascists had a bad night in local elections across the country. The BNP has, at the time of writing, lost all of the seats it was defending and failed to win any new seats. None of the smaller fascist groupuscles has fared any better.

World Day


Today in Birmingham, thousands of animal rights protesters (including groups from both Derby and Nottingham) gathered to march as part of World Day for Animals In Laboratories.

Prof David Nutt Lecture at University of Derby


Wednesday 11 January 2012

At 6.30pm on Wednesday evening, I was pleased to attend a lecture by one of my heros, Professor. David Nutt in the series "Scientists In The Firing Line".  

EDL bottle Derby demo


The EDL were meant to be having a demo in Derby yesterday but seemed to bottle it at the last minute.

Nottingham Animal Rights Events

From Harlan Demo in Loughborough to vegan campaign catering at Glastonbury

Just read on...

Nottingham's cops are getting away with it

Lovely quote from Steve Evan's of the Police Federation in the Daily Mail today:

'I know which forces I'd rather be in if I was in trouble. What is gross misconduct, and therefore a sacking offence in Derby might be simple misconduct in Nottingham.'

Nottingham Animal Rights Campaigning


Two more weeks and more of active campaigning in Nottingham and beyond.

Dismal BNP result in Notts

The fascist BNP fielded only two candidates in Nottinghamshire for yesterday's local elections. Simon 'Bob' Brindley and Bob Coyne stood in Bilborough in Nottingham and only achieved a measly 3.5% of the vote. The party failed to get it together to field any candidates in former strongholds such as Ashfield and Broxtowe.

Man’s best friend is now man’s best snack!


Animal Aid Friend or Food Tour extended.

Derby Animal Rights 1st demo


Derby Animal Rights had thier 1st demonstration Friday night


the demonstration resulted in our 1st victory

Derby Afro-Carribean Carnival 2


Saturday 17th July 2010

Derby Carnival brought a taste of the Afro- Caribbean to the City of Derby.

Derby Afro-Carribean Carnival 1


Saturday 17th July 2010

Derby Carnival brought a taste of the Afro- Caribbean to the City of Derby.

Planned ANTI - Gay Pride event in Derby (July 10)

St. Peters St,  10.30am