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Ex Libris (The Masked Booksellers)



  • Books kept out of landfill
  • Books made available cheaply for those who want them
  • Charities and good causes supported

Members of the Federation of Masked Booksellers believe in doing good by stealth.

Email: boraxwoman-exlibris [at]


Veggies Catering Campaign


Veggies is volunteer-led, a community-based, social enterprise, promoting vegan catering and supporting campaigns for humans, other animals and the environment since 1984.

Nottingham Animal Rights


Nottingham Animal Rights works to co-ordinate the activities of many of the groups and individuals campaigning for animal rights and welfare in Nottingham.

See more at our Myspace page and our website.

More Nottingham Animal Rights Events may be listed on Veggies/Sumac Diary.

Everyone else, everywhere else see the UK Animal Rights Calendar.

Notts Indymedia


The Nottingham Independent Media Centre (IMC) is a collective committed to offering grassroots and local non-corporate news coverage.

We aim to generate a fresh perspective on mainstream media-twisted stories and give a voice to individuals and communities throughout the region that are marginalised and have no say in the mainstream media.

Nottingham Indymedia is an open-publishing website which…

People's Histreh


Nottingham Radical History Group are a diverse group of locals interested in Nottingham's long, proud history of dissent, unrest and rebellion.

From the Diggers, Chartists and Luddites through to the General Strike, Spanish Civil War and anti-poll tax struggle we try to explore this history to inform and sometimes inspire contemporary activists.

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Nottingham Fixers


Nottingham Fixers is a Nottingham-based community group who run a Fix-it space at Sneinton Market on the 3rd Saturday of every month.

This repair space aims to help people fix items, by not only fixing them, but by teaching them how to fix, so in future they can fix items instead of buying new.

The reason? Because we have a major problem with consumption, and we are in a society where people are…

Master Baiters Fishing Collective


the total number of commercial fishermen and fish farmers is estimated to be 38 million. Fisheries and aquaculture provide direct and indirect employment to over 500 million people. In 2005, the worldwide per capita consumption of fish captured from wild fisheries was 14.4 kilograms, with an additional 7.4 kilograms harvested from fish farms. In addition to providing food, modern fishing is also a…

Notts IWW


Notts IWW is a General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (European Regional Administration). We welcome new members.

Email us at notts [at]

Visit our website:

Why the IWW?

We are a grassroots and democratic union helping to organise all workers in all workplaces. The IWW differs from traditional trade unions. We believe that worke…

Stop G8 Nottingham


We are a group of anti-capitalists in Nottingham working towards the mobilisation against the G8 in June 2013.

Nottingham Defence Campagin


Defending the right to protest. Standing with those whose actions are being criminalised.