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Soccer Art Show

November 23, 2010 15:00

Tagged as: culture


Crocus Gallery, 1 Church Sq. Lenton Nottingham NG7 1SL

(back of the Savoy Cinema, Derby Road)

Places: lenton

Bobby Moore

Lorraine Kelly liked my Wayne Rooney Poem” - Art Show

Drawings, collage and poetry by Lord Biro including Cloughie and Roodolph
the Red Nosed Rooney etc. Plus a poster attacking Nottingham City Council's
plans to build a football stadium at the green belt in Gamston for the World Cup
in 2018 (if England's bid is successful).

The highlight of the show is a signed autograph from Lorraine Kelly who was
amused by Lord Biro's poem about Wayne Rooney’s off the pitch problems.

Tues 23rd Nov – Thurs 2nd Dec

(closed Monday & Sunday)

11 am til 4pm

Email Contact email: lordbiro58@hotmail.com