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Notts SOS anti-cuts demonstration

November 20, 2010 11:30

Published by group: GroupNotts Save Our Services
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Assemble at the Forest Recreation Ground for a march to Market Square.

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Following protests in town and at County Hall during the week of the Spending Review, we will assemble on Saturday 20th November at Forest Recreation Ground from 11.30am then at 12.30 we will march to the Market Square in Nottingham for a rally with speakers. The event is ‘Demonstration Against the Cuts’ and we say “There is an alternative. Make the rich pay for the crisis.”

We call on all workers, benefits and pension recipients, community groups, charities, school and college students, to unite and show opposition to the cuts in our region. Campaigners from nearby areas are welcome to join.

All are welcome at Notts SOS meetings which take place at 7.30pm every Monday at the International Community Centre.

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Report Notts SOS November 20th demo flyer (A4 pdf)


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