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Detained Lives Roadshow

June 22, 2011 18:00

Tagged as: migration

Morton Hall Detention Centre Public Meeting

 Venue: The Square Centre, Alfred Street North, NG3 1AA

Time: 6pm FREE EVENT

Places: nottingham


Wednesday 22nd June

Detained Lives Roadshow

Morton Hall Detention Centre Public Meeting

"Future? My future? There is no future at all. I have no future at all. I'm lost. I can't imagine that there is something called future."


These were the words of Ahmed Abu Bakar Hassan, aged 24, a refused asylum seeker from Sudan. Ahmed was interviewed by Detention Action, an organisation working to improve the welfare of immigration detainees in the London area. In 2008 he had been in an immigration detention centre for two years with no idea how much longer he would remain.


The meeting will comprise a panel discussion, testimony from a former detainee, a short film and food.