Save Gedling School rally at County Hall

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On Wednesday 15th December, supporters of the Gedling School held a demonstration outside County Hall to protest plans to close the school.








The rally was timed to coincide with a meeting of the council's cabinet at which they were to discuss budget proposals and plans to close Gedling School.

The Post reported that there were 100 people at the protest, although this is probably generous. That said, it was an impressive turnout, particularly from pupils at the school.

I was impressed by the enthusiastic chanting of the kids, which could be heard through much of County Hall. Most impressive, however, was the imaginative chants. It seems that children are the only group of protesters who haven't had the lefty chant sheet drilled into them.

In between fairly straightforward demands that the council, "Save our school" there were a number of more lyrical chants, such as "We love you Gedling we do... oh Gedling we love you." Another was based - I'm told - on a song by Cheryl Cole (apparently a former member of a popular all female beat combo).

The rally was held from 10am-11am. I think at this point the protesters went into the council chamber to listen to the deliberations of the meeting. They reappeared later and relocated their protest to the side of Loughborough Road, where they seemed to be attracting considerable support from passing motorists if the horn honking was any indication.

Unfortunately, despite the protest, and those which had preceded it, cabinet decided to go ahead with a "consultation" on the closure of the school. This is an unfortunate development, but it isn't the end of the story. I'm sure the kids will be back at County Hall before long.


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