Notts Occupation Ends; Resistance Continues

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On Friday 3rd December, the students occupying the Great Hall at the University of Nottingham agreed to leave, in return for a meeting with the Vice Chancellor. This is not the end of the campaign and on Saturday, students protested in the Market Square, joining up with other local anti-cuts campaigners.

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Student demo in Market Square

Students agreed to leave after a heated meeting on Friday. The university had offered a meeting on Monday and also claimed that there was to be a wedding in the Great Hall which the occupation would disrupt. Ultimately, after a vote it was agreed to “temporarily suspend” the occupation.

The protest on Saturday was organised with students from Nottingham, Nottingham Trent and several of the FE colleges. A protest had been called the same day as part of the day of action against tax avoiders and despite some confusion over the start times of the two events (the student protest was originally called for Sunday and the tax demo moved back an hour from the original time) the two essentially merged into one very long protest.


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