Coach to the National Climate March - 4 December

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Join the National Climate March in London

Coach leaves Salutation at 8:00am

Tickets £10 (waged) £6 (student/unwaged)

The UN Climate Talks start on Monday 29 November in Cancun, Mexico. After the disappointments of Copenhagen it is crucial to demonstrate our concerns about climate change and keep the pressure on our Government negotiators. Synchronised demonstrations around the world will be taking place on Saturday 4 December to call on world leaders to take urgent action on climate change - see

Urgent action on climate change provides a massive opportunity for new jobs - one million in the first year - see The recent publication of Zero Carbon Britain 2030 by the Centre for Alternative Technology gives further insight into what is possible - see

At a time of uncertainty and austerity urgent action on climate change has the potential to give some measure of security about the prospects for our common future and to open the possibilites of an exodus from the violence, greed and corruption that have brought us to where we are at present.

We hope that the coach might catalyse a new Nottm & Notts Climate Alliance that will be able to focus attention on Jobs, Climate and Communities through broad based grass roots activity.

The coach is jointly sponsored by the Notts TUC and Health in Your Environment.

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