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Animal Aid launched their Friend or Food tour for Vegan Month, featuring a recently refurbished Veggies Trailer, decorated as a spoof organic and free-range dog meat catering trailer, at various Nottingham locations on Tuesday 2nd November.




Well done to all the Veggies, Nottm AR and vegan campaign crew for their help with a ‘dress rehersal' at Clinton Street Market - the original location of Veggies Catering Stall from 1985 - 2002!

From here we rolled around to the nearby McDonalds on Clumber Street. From there it was another opportuntity to roll on down the hightway for the official campaign launch at 12 Noon right by the Council House on the Old Market Square.

Having been denied the opportunity to host the 7th East Midlands Vegan Festival at the Council House, it was appropriate to take it to the streets.

Once we had practiced the patter, the feedback ranged from bemusement to shock.

Apologies are due to the woman who was in tears, before we explained that it was all in the best possible taste - ie intended to draw comparisons between the animals who we pet and those who we eat.

It was initially difficult to find the right ‘line', so we were very pleased to have had the ‘dress rehersal'.

When inviting people "try a free sample of Dog Meat" people were often confused and walked away, and those that did stop struggled with the concept. If they were willing to talk it through though, they eventually ‘got it' and were generally quite supportive.

Another approach was to say that we were interested to know if people prefered pork or beef, claim the dog meat to be as tasty as pig meat and get straight to the point - pigs are as intelligent as dogs, and value their lives just as much.

One lady, who eats ‘little meat' but cooks it for her familiy, ended up challenging her own daughter to carefully read the displays and herself talked through the issues involved. The daughter's response "my god, what will they be serving next" was very pertinent as the City Council often invite an ‘exotic meat' farm to cater on the exact same spot. If people are bored by pig or cow meat, and want to try Ostrich, Kangaroo, Crocodile or Wild Boar, then why not Dog!


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I fell for that 100%

You wind up barstools! I fell for that 100% at lunch time walking past the dog meat van!


I was telling people round the office about it, and now I've got to admit I was pranked by the veggies!

Although I don't agree with you in the end, its a clever campaign, quite funny and makes us all think, which heaven knows the world needs more of!

100% british freerange pensioner or ycling

100% british freerange pensioner or homeless person could also be the next big thing for Nottingham city council after
the above groundbreaking product.

Why waste granny???Wouldnt she want to keep Britain working?
after she dies naturally&or signs up to our whitehall sanctioned campaign help her to feed the nation.

We pick up anywhere, anytime& if you sign your grandparents,homeless relative, disabled person
or pet up to our scheme for voluntary early "retirement", receive a years 10% discount on collie cuts & freerange products.

Dont let them live in misery, feed Britain

My dog's stupid...

..but that isn't why I don't eat him. Dogs and pigs have had a very different coevolution with humans. Dogs - a social hunter like us are our 'friends' because they've adapted to be our hunting buddies and vermin catchers. Whereas pigs, fast reproducing omnivores- have adapted to clear up our waste and recycle it into some of the most nutritious and tasty food there is.

Humans aren't carnivores

...if you don't believe me, try eating raw meat.

Besides, as the only animal with a choice in what we can eat, we are the only ones who can be held ethically responsible for our eating choices.

Ripped off

I recently spotted this van in Bristol and fell for it completely. I approached the van and asked for a brochure and the fella quickly explained that 'if you are happy to eat pig, or cow then why not dog?' I honestly saw this as a valid point and was considering buying a sample of dog meat, having never had it before. When I glanced at the brochure I noticed that it was not a pricelist but a animal rights brochure. I have to say I felt a bit ripped off.

I have not ever eaten dog before, and don't see myself trying it anytime soon, but this van did make me at least consider it. Its a valid point that meat eaters need to accept that an animal is an animal, and it is peoples choice which animal they feel comfortable eating and which they dont.

While we are on the subject, if you want to take the hardline approach why not advertise human flesh as previously suggested? If a dog is the same as a pig, then why isn't a human? In which case surely it is inhumane to keep an animal as a pet for the purposes of our own amusement?