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The beginning of 2013 offers an opportunity to look back over our achievements (or lack of) in 2012. While the mainstream media obsessed over the Queen's Diamond Jubilee "celebrations" and the Olympics and Paralympics, Nottingham Indymedia has continued to report on the ongoing campaigns of groups as varied as tax campaigners (Notts Uncut), animal rights activists (opposing the badger cull) and environmentalists (occupying the gas power station at High Marnham).

Unfortunately this year has been notably quieter on the newswire than those which preceded it, a reflection of the current downturn in struggle across the country (although seemingly not elsewhere in Europe). This, coupled with the technical issues which have afflicted the site over the last few months, have posed questions about what - if anything - the future of the project is. This is something Nottingham Indymedia will be exploring - hopefully with input from others in and around the city - early in the new year. Watch this space to see how you can get involved.

Previous years: 2009 | 2010 | 2011

Workfare protest (March)

City council budget protest (March)

May Day protest against Alan Meale

Notts Uncut street party (May)

Aslef strike (May)

The Royal Family visits the provinces (June)

Nottinghamshire Pride (July)

PCS protest (November)

Notts Uncut Starbuck protest (December)


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'Green Wave' Rio Eco Protest


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Newswire thanks

As you guys discuss the future of the newswire in the coming months, altho I'm not an activist I just want to thank you all for keeping up open lines of news to counterbalance the Establishment lines of pap and to keep the political news flow a bit less unbalanced. Hope Nottingham newswire can keep flowing for many years !