Solidarity demo at Morton Hall detention centre

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The latest in a series of solidarity demonstrations was held outside Morton Hall detention centre in Lincolnshire today. Two minibuses of people set out to let the nearly 400 detainees know that they have not been forgotten this winter. We spent over an hour moving round the perimeter chanting and making noise so that they would hear us. Some people climbed trees so that our banners would be visible to those inside.










When we got back to the main gate, prison guards and the police panicked and started shoving people off the road to make way for a Reliance transport van. Reliance are responsible for moving detainees around the detention system and to airports (although not directly from Morton Hall).

The indefinite detention of migrants has come under fire this week after the governments' own inspectors criticised the length of time people are being detained and how some detainees have "simply been forgotten". One Somali migrant has been held for 9 years after he completed his prison sentence.

It has also recently emerged that Lincolnshire could be marked for a second immigration removals centre. Officials have said that HMP Lincoln could be converted to a detention centre for migrants.

The intolerable conditions for migrants in detention have meant that unrest has frequently broken out in the detention estate over the years. The last solidarity demonstration at Morton Hall took place as detainees undertook a mass hunger strike and rooftop protest against their conditions.