Trailblazing slave labour project in Derby

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In yet another attack on the welfare of young adults the goverment have announced that a trial project will begin in Derby. This slave labour project will mean that any 18-24 year old who has been out of work for six months wiil be forced into work for 30 hours a week for their benefits along with 8 hours a week intensive job seeking.

This sccheme will be provided by TGB learning who will be working to the payment by results TGB Learning who will be working to the payment by results model’ the Government has now introduced. A model which has little to do with finding young people work and everything to do with harrasing them off benefits.

The scheme will be mandatory, so anyone refusing to take part without good reason will face losing their benefits.

Those jobseekers who don't complete the eight week programme will have to go back on the programme If they return to Jobseekers Allowance within 26 weeks.


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Enslavement & Plutocracy

As if it isnt bad enough that 18-20 year olds have to work for about £5 hr (21-24 yr olds get £6) if or when they find a job, our authoritarian leaders expect them to do this "workfare" for about £2 hr.... Disgusting!!.. What a way to treat our young people starting out in life..

Just as a matter of interest, the hourly wage needed to equal the official government & independent surveys poverty line, is £7.50 hr.. So basically, anyone who is paid less than that (between 5 & 10 million without checking), is being forced to contribute to the "Enslavement & Plutocracy" (a state controlled by the wealthy) ideology of our leaders..

Their so called freedom & democracy is a long gone myth..


This wonderful compulsory "workfare" scheme is not £2 hour as I stated in my previous comment.. Its actually the princely sum of £1.77 hr.... & the money saved by the businesses who,ve signed up for this slave labour (workfare) scheme will all be able to pay their top management more or give them a bigger bonus....

& that my friends, is how our Plutocracy works....