Morton Hall detainees protest during Ramadan

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Detainees at an immigration detention centre in Lincolnshire say they are protesting about the centre's disrespect of their Muslim faith. Muslims are fasting during daylight hours as the season of Ramadan begins but detainees say that the centre has no "proper" food available after sunset. They claim that as many as 100 detainees are involved in the protest and that detainees climbed onto the roof last night.

This statement was made by the detainees who say they are on strike: "Sir we are here in detention centre Morton Hall. We are with fasting in the last four days but management not supply proper food for it. We demand proper food at the proper time. Today they don't give food at all and guys are on the roof. We are on strike. Why they don't treat us as human?"


Latest info

There is someone on the roof right now and the governor and others are trying to get him down.

According to those involved, the protest started yesterday evening and it's not related to Ramadan or the Muslim community - all communities are involved. The protest is about the poor quality of the food and protestors say they are being treated like dogs.