Occupy Nottingham: Council serve notice

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On Monday 27th February, Nottingham City Council served Occupy Nottingham with notice to leave within 7 days, after which they will serve notice of intention to seek possession through the courts. The occupiers state that they "have collectively decided so far, not to move from the Market Square, and through civil disobedience and lawful rebellion we will stay, and prevent intimidation tactics being used on those involved with Occupy." A petition has been launched calling on the council to reconsider.

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The council’s move comes after the Court of Appeal refused to hear Occupy LSX’s appeal against eviction (pdf) and the camp outside St Paul’s was evicted by bailiffs and the Metropolitan Police.

Occupy Nottingham had enjoyed a relatively cordial relationship with the council and were even graced by the presence of Council Leader Jon Collins. Occupiers report that they had been in discussions with the council about moving the camp from the square. Campers describe the plan as "a staged withdrawal of the camp from the 'square', by first compacting the camp & replacing the barriers, then moving to an alternative camp location within the city, leaving a public discussion & info stand in residence on the square."

According to Occupy, while the finer details had not been worked out, the deal would have seen "the camp removed from the square to an alternative location at no cost to the council & with no need to spend Nottingham's revenue on expensive court costs, had been made & would have happened with the public’s consent." The camp had already been reduced in size as a sign of good faith with plans (now halted) in place to reduce it further.

With occupiers now restating their intention to stay, the matter will now move to the courts. Occupiers are building what they describe as "a great case". But this is not the end of the matter, even if the court finds against them. As Andy Platt of NCC LOls observes, the potential political ramifications for the council are serious and they need "to have a good long think about whether it really wants bailiffs charging in at such a high profile public spot."


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