Brutal copper gets jail

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Former Notts firearms cop Timothy Allatt was sent down for 8 weeks today for assaulting a man he arrested in Sneinton last year. Allatt's 'gratuitous violence' left his victim with a collapsed lung and facial injuries. Allatt has already been kicked out of the force for using 'excessive force' in another arrest.

As usual, the forces of law and order have protected their own. By only charging Allatt with assault rather than grievous bodily harm (a punctured lung is a very serious injury) and due to 'glowing references' from others within the force, Allatt has got off with a very lenient sentence. 8 weeks is much shorter than the 2 years 9 months handed down to a teenager who chatted shit on Facebook, the 6 months for someone who stole a bottle of water and the 16 months given to a man who stole a lick of ice cream during the riots. And to add insult to injury, the bastard has launched an appeal and is out on bail already.

No justice, no peace.


Fuck the police

Absolute scum the lot of them.


hope the fucker rots or gets a big taste of his own. No justice No peace.

Another one escapes justice

Unfortunately he's been freed on bail pending an appeal. It's amazing how many of these bent coppers mannage to wriggle their way free of the constraints of the criminal justice system, when it suits them. It's a shame he didn't meet with summary justice in prison.

this ones scum,its a travesty he has been let off

at the same time, many people& activists have committed such violent actions in their private lives, usually when drunk, difference being this guy gets off much more easily from the system which is meant to be impartial. The law finds it tricky because in UK it has been divorced from its origings in the commoning laws of Magna Carta& the Forest Charter& more often than not the law finds itself defending unjust power. The Magna Carta needs as used in winning cases by many from slave abolutionists to suffragettes& advocated by the Zapatistas needs reinforcing & updating for the technoindustrial society. Theres calls for this in New York & the protesters there have had support from reportedly 100 NYPD officers refusing to come into work