2 yrs 9 mths for chatting shit on Facebook

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18-year old Amed Pelle of New Basford has been sent down for 2 years and 9 months for supposedly inciting rioting on Facebook. Pelle wrote 'Nottz Riot whose onit?' and 'Kill one black youth; we'll kill a million Fedz: riot til we own cities' on his page during the riots earlier this month. There is no evidence that he or any of his friends actually did anything during the riots.

Pelle is quoted as having said in his police interview that he hoped that 'youth would take over the streets and Government, police and society could do nothing'. But whether he is seriously responsible for inciting rioting seems questionable. It looks much more like he's just a naive kid who was easy for the justice system to pick on to make itself look tough. It can't have helped him that he's pretty much a stereotype Daily Mail hate figure, being an immigrant and a benefits claimant as well as young and black.

In sentencing, Judge John Milmo told Pelle that his comments 'encouraged attacks on the people of Nottingham as a whole, and the people of other cities.' This of course is untrue. Pelle only mentioned the police in his message.

The case follows the cases of two men who were jailed for 4 years for using Facebook to 'organise riots' that never happened in the North West. Jordan Blackshaw (20) and Perry Sutcliffe (22) were also young and naive about using social networking sites. Jordan claims his posts were a joke.

There is no evidence that any of these three was involved in rioting or looting. Their only 'crime' has been to gob off on a very public site that the police regularly monitors for intelligence purposes. Essentially they are being jailed for having anti-state thoughts.

Interestingly, no cases for incitement to murder are currently being brought against the hundreds of reactionaries who used social networking sites to urge people to shoot, hang and otherwise dispatch rioters during the disturbances. It seems that it's only if you express anti-state opinions that the law applies in these circumstances. On the Post website, Pelle has been threatened with being strung up, deported to Cuba and a poster 'hope[s] he has a hard time in jail'. I don't suppose the police will hurry to investigate these online threats. It's zero tolerance for the excluded and anything goes for the hateful mainstream.

The use of social networking to promote anti-state activity is scaring the authorities so much that the government and police actually want the ability to turn off sites during times of unrest. Well known lovers of free speech in the Chinese state have praised the increasing totalitarianism of the government.

People must make sure they DON'T use personal or personally identifiable social networking profiles to call for anti-state action. This is the kind of shit you could end up in if you're not carefuly about staying anonymous on the net. Use sites that don't log your IP address like Indymedia for news posts, Network 23 for blogs and indy.im for microblogging. If you're going to use sites like Facebook and Twitter don't use a profile with your real personal details and use software like Tor to mask your IP address.

We should support Pelle as someone who has been royally fucked over by the state for daring to call for insurrection. We should do what we can to try to prevent people getting caught for thought crimes in the first place.


The very first rule

The very first rule is DO NOT PLEAD GUILTY! Ever. Despite what your solicitor is telling you.

You are not guilty of a crime, do not plead guilty.

Every solicitor who got kids to plead guilty when arrested for these riots should be ashamed. Absolute scum. Scum on $45,000 a year.


Do you have any evidence that Pelle's comments led to people dying? All kinds of disgusting shit is 'in the law' but it doesn't make it right.

Please take your bollocks conclusions elsewhere.

@bull detector

I don't think there is much public sympathy for these lot if that is what they are looking for.

"Kill a million Feds?" The "feds" gives away that he is a wannabe gangster 'init' player whatever. Although there is a direct correlation between his writing and what people did - it still doesn't matter if people read and acted or it or not - the intent was there to cause harm. Think of it like this: It is exactly the same as doing a bomb hoax or sending a death threat. Doesn't hurt anyone but doesn't mean it isn't a very serious crime with serious consequences.

At end of day, the max sentence for this shit is 10 years - its there in black and white so ignorance of the law is no excuse. People don't mug people and then say "Oh, i didn't realise it is a crime and that the punishment is XYZ". I don't see why this should be any different. The law in easily accessible in the public domain / and in any library. Its up to this guy to ensure that he doesn't break the law because he is an adult. If he decided that the risk was worth the reward then thats his affair - just don't moan about it when you lose.

The law is an ass

I'm not talking about ignorance of the law - I'm talking about why the law is wrong and is enforced selectively.

Why aren't the people making death threats to rioters being investigated by the cops?


law ass.... fair enough. But its still there in black and white. The shop keepers, the public who were killed and injured and the residents who lost their homes deserve the right to be protected from this call-to-arms from these thugs.

> Why aren't the people making death threats to rioters being investigated by the cops?

Probably because no one takes it seriously. The facebookers messed up in their timing..... posting 'intent' whilst knowing that there is a very good chance that call-to-arms could be acted on giving what was happening around the country at that particular moment in time.

Other aspect is that the rioters don't have any public sympathy. The Law 101... Get on the wrong side of the public's wrath at your peril

The law is an ass

Jail all public enemy records NOW

You've overlooked something

He also posted
“Rioting 2nyt anyone want anything from Flannels?”

Flannels being a fashion chain that was later looted. But I'm sure he is the innocent victim of the malicious powers-that-be, on a par with the Tolpuddle Martyrs, as you've painted him, rather than an idiotic thug.

And rather than trying not to be identified on the internet, I would instead recommend readers simply not call for mass murder of coppers.


Eight years ago this country was a junior partner in a war of aggression against a sovereign state, the ultimate war-crime in international law as established at Nuremburg. Who has been charged? The financial institutions commited and continue to commit crimes against the people in the interests of approximately 0.1% of the population. Apart from one or two maveriks, who has been charged?
The riots in Britain, as with events unfolding elsewhere in Europe and North Africa, although bearing local characteristics, are firmly rooted in the consequences of the neo-liberal policies which have been pursued for the past thirty years, and the accompanying redistribution of wealth from the bottom to the top. With the next inevitable capitalist crisis probably just around the corner, expect more to follow, accompanied no doubt by more draconian measures from the state.

A little bit of perspective

"The shop keepers, the public who were killed and injured and the residents who lost their homes deserve the right to be protected from this call-to-arms from these thugs."

People are being prosecuted for the murders and arsons. As far as I'm aware, none of them has confessed to being inspired to their actions by an 18-year old from Basford.

Meanwhile there have been 333 deaths in police custody since 1998 and no convictions: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2010/dec/03/deaths-police-custody-officers-convicted

In fact, 4 people have been killed by the police this month, including Mark Duggan whose execution started the riots. I want protection from the biggest, best armed gang on the streets who seem immune from accountability for their actions. I want to see people urging this gang on on Facebook to face severe conseequences.

"Other aspect is that the rioters don't have any public sympathy. The Law 101... Get on the wrong side of the public's wrath at your peril"

I think you're right that this is why it is happening. I also think this is something called mob justice and is extremely dangerous as well as morally wrong. The public (or at least the included, property owning public) has been whipped into a frenzy of revenge fantasy by the media, which as always has a strong allegiance to the ruling capitalist classes and a horror that those at the bottom of the heap might rise up and redistribute wealth. This mood of mob justice will lead to the targeting of any easy scapegoat: benefits claimants, the poor, youths, Gypsies, Jews, Communists. Hitler rose to power fuelled by mob justice and killed 6 million people. Likewise most of history's worst tyrants. Mob 'justice' is no justice at all and causes much greater problems than it seeks to 'correct'.

The 18-year old fantasising about taking on the man on the internet isn't the problem. The bloodlust of the manipulated masses acted out through the police and the courts is what we should really worry about.


'The shop keepers, the public who were killed and injured and the residents who lost their homes deserve the right to be protected from this call-to-arms from these thugs.'

What the fuck are you talking about?!! The people you are talking about have an entire nation on their side baying for the blood of anyone even remotely linked to the riots, not to mention the entire police force. What about protecting fantasist 18 year olds from them?

Serious threat?!

'> Why aren't the people making death threats to rioters being investigated by the cops?

Probably because no one takes it seriously.'

And I suppose a kid who surrounded himself with boxes from clothes he bought to pretend to look like a looter and called for a million cops to be offed should be taken seriously?!?! FFS what is wrong with you people.

@ History Man

More to the point and better put.

my brother

The time the riot was happening I I told my brother not to do anything stupid why he did not take my advice I will never know why. The day the police came to my house asking for my brother they did not say why they wanted my brother they wouldn't tell my or my mum anything. They started taking all my brother's clothes from his wardrobe just because they all looked new and they took him away. I called the police station the next day traying to find out were he is they wouldn't tell me. I told them that I have all the recites for the clothes they have taken because I got must of them for him they told my to keep hold of them because they may need them no one called me and my brother was already in court. It's been over 11months know and they have not given anything back so far. If anyone knows how I could get his things back I would be very greatfull thank you for ready my side of the story.

Older brother 27 lassito pelle.

Ps would all the news people stop talking bullshit about my brother being long term unemployed he has worked at tkmax next to Vic centre and burger king over the bridge next to Nottingham bus garage.

early release

Just one more thing why are ppl being released 4 months into there sentence not even half into there sentence. I'm not saying that it's a bad think.

I'm just thinking they are getting out early but my brother has been in glen parva know nearly 1 year. Why is that my brother put a few stupid comments that should have never happend but nothing.


Hi Lassito

You can contact us on nsn@riseup.net. We might be able to help out.