Five police stations attacked in Nottingham

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Rioting flared up again last night in Nottingham as five police stations were attacked with homemade incendiary devices (i.e. petrol bombs). Canning Circus, The Meadows, Oxclose Lane, Bulwell and St Ann's police stations were targeted by rioters. A police car outside the station in the Meadows was also torched.

Notts police are saying that they have arrested over 80 people in connection with the disturbances and expect this to go up to over 100. 10 were arrested at an incident where youths climbed on the roof of Nottingham High School near the Forest.

However the middle-class man-in-the-pub pundits spin this as the work of benefit-scrounging darkies engaging in 'recreational looting' the fact of the matter is that the police were the primary target of this uprising. The only other significant target, the Nottingham High School, is a symbol of elite wealth and opportunity: a fee paying school with grand buildings and extensive grounds, a short walk from the working class neighbourhoods of the Arboretum, Radford and Forest Fields.

I don't doubt that there were incidents of opportunism and vandalism of working class houses and vehicles, but the main targets were the people who hold down the poor estates - the cops who brutalise and criminalise and the schools that exclude the 'riff raff'.


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Riot = carnival

Bystander - you make some good points but I think you're forgetting what I think is the main reason people choose to riot: as long as you get away with it, it's a laugh. When all of the usual restraints are thrown off an anarchic carnival can commence where there are no rules. Some will choose to use that to attack their enemies, some will use it to grab some loot, some will use it to do what they've always been forbidden from doing. As long as we have an intensely repressive society we will get these kinds of responses.

Actually the police report that you link to is unsurprisingly selective, focussing mainly on attacks against police property. However, the latest reports in the Nottingham Post suggest that lots of looting was thwarted by a large police presence in town. Also seem to have been a lot more incidents of random property destruction.

Of course, the response from people who haven't allowed themselves to break out of social repression is unsurprisingly brutal. Calls for those arrested to be gassed in their cells, strychnine laced buckets of fried chicken given out by the council, burn them alive, etc. Always calls for the authorities to take vengeful action against their enemies made by people who are too repressed to act for themselves.

If Robin Hood was alive today he wouldn't be a hero - he'd be the subject of hateful comments in the Nottingham Post calling him a benefit-scrounging vermin who should have his neck broken.


That's the truth

And Luke Skywalker would be a terrorist

Selective Attention

Bystander - your selective audit doesn't stand up. There's no evidence of a specific focus on police or elite and just a little collateral damage to the "working class".

It was my working class neighbourhood that was terrorised on Tuesday night by thugs with no political motive but a taste for wanton vandalism. The pattern from last night, ranging from people standing on the roof of Notts High School to further widespread arson, criminal damage and disorder in Basford, Clifton, the Meadows and St Anns also looks more like wanton vandalism than clear political intent.

Please take your blinkers off.

I retract

Actually, thinking about it I retract that last statement.

Another armchair theorist is totally correct down to the letter.

Nottingham is a hole, I'm not surprised it's burning

Notts police

Just trawling the archives of this site gives a bit of insight into the way the Notts police have been operating in recent years.

In May a spokesperson for the Police Federation specifically mentioned that behaviour that would be a sacking offence in Derbyshire was only classed as simple misconduct in Notts, suggesting that the force wasn't punishing misbehaviour from its officers:

That followed on from crisis in 2010 where an 'elite team' was sent in to review the force's practices. The force was reeling from the death of young black man, Reece Staples, shortly after a night in the cells, the extremely controversial tasering of a man in the city centre, reports of police officers punching and running down members of the public, failing to protect a woman who was murdered and findings of police corruption around murders ordered by Colin Gunn.

Add on top the numerous stories of police acting above the law and making ordinary people's lives a misery (not to mention the recent revelations about a paedophile cop), it is no surprise that they are hated.

The fools can't help themselves

The police can't help it as was shown by the Stanford prison experiment:

Give a weak, stupid man a uniform and he turns into an animal. Take a clever man and he gets a good job where he doesn't wear a uniform.

The police only exist because if you put the army on the street they become hated. Then in time of war there's no support and no moral.

The police exist to be hated, and they're good at it too