Meeting against the Dispersal Order

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Say No to the Dispersal Order meeting.Sunday April 24th from midday, come to the Nottingham Solidarity Cafe at the Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone Street.

A dispersal order has been placed on Forest Fields. It is aimed at groups of two or more people, or anyone under 16. It means that if you're standing on the street with friends and neighbours the police are allowed to ask you to move along. If you don't then it's a criminal offence. This is another example of police harassing the local community.
Let's work out together what we can do about this.We'll be meeting at the Sumac Centre on midday this Sunday 24th of April



That's great stuff to do, but any answer has to include some solution (as in for now, not after the revolution) as to what to do about gangs of kids that are threatening people, breaking stuff, and making a total pain of themselves.

Yeah, the cops solution is shit, but we need an alternative, not just resisting theirs.



In my humble opinion, the kids are making a nuisance of themselves because it's the only fun they get in otherwise boring and frustrating lives. Getting the pigs to disperse them or something similarly authoritarian is only going to make the situation worse.

I reckon the best thing we can do is stand in solidarity with them, and show that there is more to resistance than just breaking people's stuff.

I agree

But that doesn't help people who are having problems with the kids now. This kinda thing looks interesting I think...

A wider repsonse than just a knee jerk 'fuck the cops, up the kids' kinda thing.

Great reading

That link above to the Santa Cruz Commity Safety group is amazing, makes great prior reading to the meeting.

This article is particularly thoughtful and provocative:

a good idea!

I think it's a great idea so the park can once again be used without intimidation. People are responsible for their own behaviour, yet rarely think about the consequences of large groups, which can be intimidating to anyone yet alone disabled or vulnerable groups of society. If you are not doing anything wrong then you have nothing to fear.