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Guardian: Drax protesters' convictions quashed

"A group of environmental protesters have had their convictions overturned after senior judges ruled that crucial evidence gathered by [Mark Kennedy] was withheld from their original trial."


Birmingham Mail: Undercover cop threw a three-day party for eco-war

Undercover cop threw a three-day party for eco-warriors on Midland farm

21 Jul 2013 07:36

Anarchists and animal rights activists had no idea that one of their mates was spying on them for a special police unit.

An undercover cop who spied on eco-warriors by posing as one of them for eight years invited hundreds of fellow protesters to a three-day bender to celebrate his 40th birthday on a Midla…

Bristling Badger: Undercover Oversight

As the undercover policing scandal rolls on - with the tenacious Guardian journalists about to publish their book and have the accompanying documentary screened by Channel 4 on Monday - the government has announced tighter rules for future operations.


All long-term undercover policing operations will be independently authorised


Well that sounds reassuring. But which outside body will be …

Guardian: McLibel leaflet was cowritten by undercover police

McDonald's sued green activists in long-running David v Goliath legal battle, but police role only now exposed

An undercover police officer posing for years as an environmental activist co-wrote a libellous leaflet that was highly critical of McDonald's, and which led to the longest civil trial in English history, costing the fast-food giant millions of pounds in fees.

The true identity of one o…

NY Times: New Twist in British Spy’s Case Unravels in U.S.

New Twist in British Spy’s Case Unravels in U.S.By COLIN MOYNIHAN

Mark Kennedy, a British police officer who spent seven years infiltrating environmental and activist groups while working undercover for the Metropolitan Police force in London, may have monitored an American computer scientist and spied on others while in the United States.

The computer scientist, Harry Halpin, said that he wa…

Guardian: New law needed for undercover police – MPs

Theresa May, the home secretary, has come under pressure to overhaul regulation of undercover policing after a highly critical parliamentary report that described some of the practices adopted by officers who infiltrated protest groups over a 40-year period as "ghoulish and disrespectful".

The inquiry by the Commons home affairs select committee follows a string of scandals involving undercov…

Guardian: Police spy Mark Kennedy may have misled parliament

Inquiry hears claims of 10 or more women having sexual relations with undercover officer who infiltrated eco-activists

Rob Evans, Paul Lewis

The Guardian, Friday 1 March 2013

Mark Kennedy, the police spy who infiltrated the environmental movement, appears to have misled parliament over the number of sexual relationships he had with women while he was working undercover.

Kennedy told a …

PoliticsUK: UN Human Rights observer ‘deeply concerned’

UN Human Rights observer ‘deeply concerned’ with Police tactics at protests Posted: 10:36 PM, January 23, 2013 by Alan Wyllie

The following is a Press Release by the UNHR.

From 14 to 23 January 2013, I carried out an official visit to the United Kingdom, at the invitation of the Government, for the purpose of making an in-depth assessment of the situation of freedoms of peaceful assemb…

Guardian: UN official: investigate undercover police scandal

UN official calls on British government to investigate undercover police scandal

Maina Kiai says he is 'deeply concerned' about use of officers such as Mark Kennedy to infiltrate non-violent groups

A senior United Nations official has called on the British government to launch a judge-led public inquiry into the "shocking" case of Mark Kennedy and other undercover police officers who ha…

BBC Nottingham: Undercover police officer 'attended family funeral

Undercover police officer 'attended family funeral'By Matt ProdgerBBC Home Affairs CorrespondentUndercover officer Mark Kennedy had relationships when working covertly.Continue reading the main storyRelated Stories

Two undercover police officers tricked political activists into having sex wi…

BBC: Kennedy etc and Undercover Cops

Undercover Cops

Radio 4 8.00pm tonight 2nd October


How far should undercover police officers go to gather intelligence?

Jane Deith talks exclusively to women suing the Metropolitan police claiming they were tricked into long standing relationships with undercover officers.

The unmasking of undercover cop Mark Kennedy who'd been infiltrating environmental protest groups has led to revelat…

HMIC report: "disgusting and farcical"


Last week saw the publication of HM Inspectorate of Constabulary’s "review of national police units which provide intelligence on criminality associated with protest." This was one of the array of reports commissioned in the aftermath of the revelations about undercover police officer Mark Kennedy. The report, like the "Rose Report" into the CPS’ failure to disclose key evidence, has not been…

bristling badger: mark kennedy: the hmic report

mark kennedy: the hmic report

The latest report on undercover police infiltration of activists came out last week. Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary looked into the work of the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU) who ran the network of spy cops until 2008, and especially at the work of their officer Mark Kennedy.

Radio 4's Today programme said that HMIC are independent and …

Network for Police Monitoring: HMIC review of police “domestic extremism” units

Further analysis of the HMIC report on ‘domestic extremism’ from Matt Salusbury.

FITwatch: HMIC report disgusting and farcical

"Well, we always knew HMIC's ludicrously named ‘review of national police units which provide intelligence on criminality associated with protest' was going to be a farce, and we haven't been disappointed." (FITwatch)

HMIC report into policing protest


Women sue Met over undercover cops


Eight former lovers of undercover cops have started legal action against police chiefs for the psychological suffering they’ve endured. The women include three former lovers of Mark Kennedy, two former lovers of Jim Boyling, and women who had relationships with “Mark Cassidy”, Bob Lambert and “John Barker” – a name that doesn’t seem to have been associated with undercover policing of activism…

First report into undercover policing: "whitewash"


The first of twelve official reports resulting from the public outing of undercover police officer Mark Kennedy and the subsequent collapse of the trials of 26 climate change activists has been published. The report claims that there was no “dishonest withholding of information” and no “systemic” failings, a conclusion the CPS have been happy to repeat. Critics of the report have dismissed it …

Indymedia: Mark kennedy to appear in public for documentary

Mark kennedy to appear in public for documentary screening in copenhagen

Mark Kennedy (mark stone) who was the undercover cop outed in the UK this year will appear in copenhagen next week for the screening of a documentary about him. many in the UK and also copenhagen have some serious beef with this guy, and comrades from the UK are invited to copenhagen to pay him a visit as they see fit. the f…

Guardian: Crisis as activist spying operation unravels

Met facing mounting crisis as activist spying operation unravels

Senior police officers' judgment questioned as revelations emerge about the behaviour of undercover agents

Paul Lewis and Rob Evans

guardian.co.uk, Thursday 20 October 2011 20.22 BST

Parliament: Early day motion: Use of undercover police officers Early day motion


That this House is concerned about the use of undercover police officers to infiltrate protest groups; notes the recent decision by the Director of Public Prosecut…

Nottingham Post: Mark Kennedy: The Documentary

An article in today's Nottingham Post confirms that "A documentary is being made about undercover policeman Mark Kennedy."

This corroborates what Kennedy was reported to have told an activist and "erstwhile friend" after an encounter at Euston Station in London. During that exchange he "claimed that no-one would be named in the documentary or in the book" he is also working on. Not that his word …

Indymedia UK: I can't forgive Mark Kennedy's betrayal

"Along with many others, I was sickened when I discovered that the man I knew as a fellow activist, Mark Kennedy, was in fact an undercover police officer who had been spying on us since 2003. Yet my feelings were nothing compared with those who were close to him. The betrayal and loss they are feeling is a real grief – the equivalent of someone you love dying. I went through this myself a few…

Indymedia UK: Mark Stone: A respectful request to all activists

In the wake of the Mark "Stone" story breaking in the mainstream media yesterday, a lot of journalists are trying their best to dig out all the gorey personal details. They are phoning up lots of activists and trying to find out more information. You may be one of those activists.

You are requested not to give any information to the media. Just say "sorry, I don't know anything about that"…

Undercover police officer back in the spotlight


The Met Police are facing serious questions and the threat of an investigation into the role of one of their undercover officers. PC Mark Kennedy infiltrated activist groups between 2003-2009. On Monday, the second trial relating to planned action at Ratcliffe on Soar power station collapsed after the prosecution offered no evidence. This is believed to be an attempt to conceal the extent of …

One of the lads

Over the past few weeks the UK’s activist movement has been rocked by the revelation that an extremely active person within its ranks, who had been at the heart of many major direct action campaigns, was in fact an undercover policeman.

After being confronted by former friends, Mark ‘Stone’, whose real name is Mark Kennedy, confessed that he had been working undercover since 2000. He has si…