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Nottingham Solidarity Network Meeting

October 24, 2013 19:00

The Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone Stret, Forest Fields.

Notts Against Workfare target Framework


On Saturday 1st June the music exchange store run by the Nottingham homeless charity Framework was picketed by Notts Against Workfare. Displaying banners and handing out leaflets campaigners explained to the shoppers and passersby the shitty business Framework have got themselves involved in. Most people we talked to were disappointed that a charity which does admirable work would not mak…

IndyUK: Activists defy police attempts to gather intellige

Activists defy police attempts to gather intelligence on resistance to G8

Two UK anti-capitalists, returning to the country on Sunday May 19 after attending an anarchist festival in the Netherlands ( http://www.pinksterlanddagen.org/english), were intercepted by Kent Police Special Branch officers at Dover, then detained and questioned for three hours under Schedules 7 and 8 of the Terrorism Act…

Unsilenced: Confronting Violence Against Women

June 09, 2013 17:00

Broadway Cinema

14-18 Broad Street



Unsilenced: Confronting Violence Against Women

June 11, 2013 17:00

Broadway Cinema

14-18 Broad Street



Unsilenced: Confronting Violence Against Women

June 13, 2013 17:00

Broadway Cinema

14-18 Broad Street



Unsilenced: Confronting Violence Against Women

June 15, 2013 17:00

Broadway Cinema

14-18 Broad Street



Unsilenced: Confronting Violence Against Women

June 17, 2013 17:00



Broadway Cinema

14-18 Broad Street




The ‘Robin Hood’ spirit inspires Nottingham’s prot

Hundreds of local residents expected in Market Square at 2pm for the global 'March Against Monsanto' movement

U.K. anarchist publication “Return Fire” released

Our new zine Return Fire is now available. It's a diverse mix with liberatory aims, which we hope to be informative and inspiring for anyone who decides to make their life a weapon against the dominant order.

Sunday Times: Notts Police admit rounding up ‘usual suspects’

[Behind a pay wall I'm afraid]

ONE of Britain’s largest police forces is arresting people and branding them “suspects” without any evidence, a Whitehall study has found.

Police officers in Nottinghamshire — which in 2010 was named the worst performing force in England and Wales — have admitted in a Ministry of Justice (MoJ) investigation that after burglaries or other crimes they woul…

Another CCTV camera for Forest Fields

Yesterday a pair of CPOs were knocking on doors in the Wiverton Road/Foxhall Road area asking whether people were in favour or against a camera being installed at the crossroads. In their words - "We want to know if you're in favour or not, and if you are in favour we'd like to take your name and address to pass to the council."

The council are trying to pinpoint the people in our community who f…

Coming Soon-Little Brother watching Big Brother..

I think its time for a regular generalised scrutiny of ALL that the Nottingham/Notts authorities (Councils/Police/Courts etc.) are up to in their infinite wisdom.. & it will hopefully add a little to the already healthy volume (& quality) of great articles on many specialised subjects,.

If this is approved by members, "Little Brother" will commence watching asap.. & all will be revealed (hopefu…

Blog: DWP Ordered To Name The Workfare Exploiters

DWP Ordered To Name The Workfare Exploiters

The Information Tribunal ordered the DWP to name the companies and charities involved in workfare at an appeal hearing this work.

A long running war of words has been waging between the DWP and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) ever since a Freedom of Information request was submitted by Frank Zola asking for the names of organisations ta…

People's Assembly - the sequel

May 21, 2013 19:30

International Community Centre

62b Mandfield Rd



BBC: Police use of dead children's identities 'common'

Police use of dead children's identities 'common'


The use of dead children's identities by Scotland Yard's Special Demonstrations Squad was "common practice", MPs have been told.


Derbyshire Chief Constable Mick Creedon updated MPs on Operation Herne, which is looking at the Met's undercover operations.


Claims about the use of the identities relate to the squad's operations in the …

NoBordersNottingham.org.uk: Campaign with petition for Abdul Ghafar Rajabali –

We have been contacted by friends in Leicester about the detention of Abdul Ghafar Rajabali. As part of his asylum requirement, Abdul regularly reported to the UK Border Agency reporting station in Loughborough. However, while reporting to UKBA on Friday 10th May 2013, he was detained and held at Loughborough police station. From there, he was to be transferred to Morton Hall Detention Centre in L…

NTU: Are more anti-social behaviour powers really neces

Are more anti-social behaviour powers really necessary?

Last week saw the Queen's Speech setting out the forthcoming legislative programme of the coalition government. In it was a commitment to bring forward legislation to 'tackle anti-social behaviour, cut crime and further reform the police'.

The result is a bill entitled the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill. It is the latest i…

Carnival Against Capitalism: #J11: Carnival in the West End of London

Nottingham has held some national gathering meeting around the issue and many will be going [I hope!]

11 June 2013. #J11. 

One Common Struggle.

Carnival Against Capitalism.

Their London?

London is right at the heart of global capitalism. And the West End of London, including elite areas like Piccadilly, Mayfair and Knightsbridge, is where power and greed are most concentrated. The West End is …

Pirate Network: The Pirate Network

As the most common forms of communication and sources of information become corrupt and ran by corporations for profit. 

It is time for an alternative, The Pirate Network

The idea of Pirate Wi-Fi is to broadcast a free wi-fi network which allows anyone to connect and communicate in an area, this will be completely uncensored, anonymous, free and without government or corporate influence. Us…

Prisoner Support and Solidarity


Nottingham Anarchist Black Cross is a prisoner support group which aims to show solidarity with prisoners through letter writing and awareness raising. We believe that supporting imprisoned people plays a valuable and essential role in building strong cultures of resistance against the current order.

Framework uses Workfare


Going to see Framework about workfare


On a walk into our city centre and back today, on a beautiful sunny day, I witnessed a couple of things I felt like I could not ignore. Neither could I act at the time. Why?

May Day March and Rally

May 04, 2013 10:30

Meet on Forest Rec Ground (Goose Fair) from 10.30, for march to move off shortly after 11. Rally at speakers corner when the march arrives there.

Guardian unlimited: Act of terror

"When police carried out a routine stop-and-search of her boyfriend on the London Underground, Gemma Atkinson filmed the incident. She was detained, handcuffed and threatened with arrest. She launched a legal battle, which ended with the police settling the case in 2010. With the money from the settlement she funded the production of this animated film, which she says shows how her story and highl…

May Day: Solidarity with the Dhaka workers

May 02, 2013 11:00


Primark, 6-7 Long Row, Nottingham

Notts Black Arrow: Steve Topley gets bail thanks to Nottm solidarity

It's great to see that a local campaign could be mounted so quickly to demand the freedom of Steve Topley, who had been detained by police since 11th April for allegedly making a threatening comment during an Employment Support Allowance interview.

Guardian: Visit to Atos leaves man with criminal record

Visit to Atos adviser leaves man with criminal record

In Atos meeting, Steve Topley made casual death threat in reference to a third party. The next thing he knew he'd been charged by police

Zoe WilliamsThe Guardian, Friday 26 April 2013 19.42 BST

The atmosphere in Nottingham crown court on Friday morning was predictably bleak,  crackling with rage, frustration and people slamming doors.

But the …

Petition urges Trades Council to think again

A petition http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/to-the-members-of-the-notts-trades-union-council.html was launched yesterday in an attempt to make the Nottingham Trades Council listen and act on the views of the wider activist community about Mayday speakers, something they abjectly failed to do last year with the invitation of expenses scandal Labour MP Alan Meale.

Free Steve Topley demo at Crown Court


Steve Topley's family and supporters of the campaign to free him gathered outside Nottingham Crown Court from 9.30am today. Steve, who has not seen his family since he was snatched by the police on 11th April, was in court for a bail hearing. He is currently on remand for alleged "threatening behaviour" during a DWP interview.