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Where Have All The Khazis Gone?


5 minute documentary about Nottingham City's lack of public toilets

Nottingham Altruistic Society


Feeling lonely, or like an outsider? Need a safe space to simply ‘be’ yourself?


A national day of anti-ATOS demonstrations was called for Wednesday 19th. February. ATOS were contracted, by the last Labourshite government and fully supported by this ConDem one, to bully and harass the long-term sick and disabled off their meagre benefit support and onto, the even more meagre, Job Seekers Allowance (JSA). Once on JSA they are expected to make themselves available for work or fa…

Care.Data - leaflet and briefing


Maybe you could ask your GP surgery to display the attached leaflet from Keep our NHS Public?

Care.data - Letter to Lord Hunt

An attempt to raise this issue through the Parliamentary system before it is too late.. ..maybe worth sending your own letter asap?

Lord Hunt is the opposition lead on the NHS, I understand.


Bitter Pills - Getting off Prescribed Drugs


There is international concern about over-prescribing of psychiatric drugs for all communities, and many doctors and practitioners are starting to rethink their value.  What else can be done?

Here locally, Making Waves Nottingham, a group led by people with lived experience of mental distress, has started to run sessions in partnership with Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust to support people read…

NCCLols: One Nottingham VCS Board Elections and Workfare

One Nottingham VCS Board Member Elections and Workfare

One Nottingham, the 'strategic partnership' has a management board with various posts reserved for representatives of particular sectors e.g., business, higher education and the voluntary sector. Currently, elections are underway for the voluntary sector posts which include a 'faith' representative, a BME representative and a sort of general …

Leicester Mercury: Man in wheelchair labelled 'fire hazard'

Man in wheelchair labelled 'fire hazard'

Fucking ATOS again!!!!!!! Man in wheelchair couldn't be seen by ATOS because his wheelchair presented a fire-risk!!!!!

Even if this is true, why the bloody hell is an office for disabily assesment located where this might be said????????? Move the fucking office! NEWSFLASH! Disability often involves wheelchairs

A man has claimed he was turned away and la…

38 Degrees: 'No Bedroom Tax Evictions' Petition to NCC

38 Degrees has launched a petition to Nottingham City Council demanding that nobody be evicted for Bedroom Tax arrears. Nearby Broxtowe Borough Council has agreed such a policy so Nottingham can too.

Mental Health COI - Criticising diagnosis and DSM5

  One of the key criticisms of traditional mental health services is the reliance on psychiatric diagnosis, which many argue are detrimental to service-users and unsupported by scientific research. This debate has recently come to the fore with clinical groups breaking ranks from the psychiatric establishment. Links to the story in other media are provided. 

People's Assembly - the sequel

May 21, 2013 19:30

International Community Centre

62b Mandfield Rd



Nttm Post: Benefit Cuts Hit Thousands


Benfit Cuts Hit Thousands

Monday, May 13, 2013

By Alexander Britton

HARD-UP residents are calling Nottingham City Council at a rate of more than one a minute over worries about benefits changes that came into force last month.

The Post can reveal that between April 2 and 16, the council answered 5,300 calls and had 2,854 face-to-face enquiries, meaning it dealt with nearly 750 queries a da…

Notts Black Arrow: Steve Topley gets bail thanks to Nottm solidarity

It's great to see that a local campaign could be mounted so quickly to demand the freedom of Steve Topley, who had been detained by police since 11th April for allegedly making a threatening comment during an Employment Support Allowance interview.

Guardian: Visit to Atos leaves man with criminal record

Visit to Atos adviser leaves man with criminal record

In Atos meeting, Steve Topley made casual death threat in reference to a third party. The next thing he knew he'd been charged by police

Zoe WilliamsThe Guardian, Friday 26 April 2013 19.42 BST

The atmosphere in Nottingham crown court on Friday morning was predictably bleak,  crackling with rage, frustration and people slamming doors.

But the …

Free Steve Topley demo at Crown Court


Steve Topley's family and supporters of the campaign to free him gathered outside Nottingham Crown Court from 9.30am today. Steve, who has not seen his family since he was snatched by the police on 11th April, was in court for a bail hearing. He is currently on remand for alleged "threatening behaviour" during a DWP interview.

Free Steven Topley Demonstration and Leafleting

Friday 26, April 2013. 9.30-11.00 am

Family and supporters will protest against Steven Topley’s imprisonment outside Nottingham Crown Court 60 Canal St, Nottingham, NG1 7EL.

Contact details: Dave Perkins Tel; 07971 373479. Gina Topley Tel; 07952 976316.

A campaign has begun to free a man detained by police since 11th April for allegedly making a threatening comm…

johnny void blog: PCS Refuse To Even Discuss Fighting Ben Sanctions

PCS Union Leadership Refuse To Even Discuss Fighting Benefit Sanctions

In a disappointing and sadly all too predictable move, the leadership of the PCS Union have blocked any meaningful discussion about fighting the ruthless benefit sanction regime which many of their members are now expected to administer and police.

Under draconian new rules claimants can have benefits stopped for up to thre…

FreeSteveTopley Blog: FreeSteveTopley

Overview of Steve’s case

  •  On Thursday 11th April Steve Attended a DWP routine interview regarding his Employment Support Allowance (ESA).
  • During this confidential interview the Police were called as Steve allegedly made reference to a third party which was misinterpreted as a threat.
  • Steve was detained by two Police officers who escorted him to the Queens Medical Centre where he was put …

Mental Health Community of Interest

A community linking people with an interest in mental health was begun in Nottingham in March, with a mailing list created to keep people updated about events. Events and articles shared through the mailing list will also be posted on Indymedia.

Nottingham People's Choir

April 18, 2013 13:00

in the 4th floor foyer of the Royal Concert Hall, Theatre Square, Nottingham, NG1 5ND.

Notts Black Arrow: Bedroom tax & Council Tax campaigning takes shape

A meeting in the Meadows last night has hopefully sown the seeds of a local fightback against benefits cuts with the beginnings of a new local group ‘Meadows Against the Bedroom Tax.

Now the new parts of the Welfare Reform Act are being implemented, households are already getting demands from the City Council for the Spare Room Subsidy which is better known as the ‘Bedroom Tax’, using what…

Thatcher gone - let's celebrate

April 08, 2013 17:00

Nottingham Market Square, 5pm. Bring yourself, banners, placards, music, hats.

Notts says stop the bedroom tax


On Saturday, 2-300 people gathered at Speakers Corner in Nottingham to demonstrate against the coalition government’s bedroom tax. The government policy will see social tenants with a spare room having £40-£80 per month taken off their housing benefit. According to the protesters, “in Nottingham alone 4746 families will be affected by the Bedroom Tax” which “penalises the disabled, single par…

Open Space

March 30, 2013 11:00


The Sumac Centre245 Gladstone Street, Forest Fields

Nottingham Post: Protesters fight to save mental health day centre

PROTESTERS have stepped up their campaign to stop the closure of a day centre for people with mental health problems.

Dozens of people opposed to the shutting of the Open Door project, on the Victoria Embankment, held placards outside a Notts County Council meeting at the Masonic Hall in Welbeck Road, West Bridgford.

A Call To Arms - Smash the G8 and the IF Campaign


The IF campaign has decided it can most effectively fight world hunger by making cute little paper boxes. They believe (or so they make out) that this sort of crafting will persuade George Osborne to be nice and not spend aid money on shooting africans.


What a load of crap.

Riseup! Radio at A4e

Riseup! Radio is being re-launched. In a few weeks time our first show for nearly four years will be arriving in your hearing holes. There will be many many things on the show- reports from the Annoymous Demo, political chit chat in the Sumac Bar, news from the NG7 Food Bank and loads of other good good stuff.

Demonstration against A4e and Ingeus

Precarious workers, students, the unemployed, squatters, and the angry and annoyed turned up outside the Nottingham offices of Ingeus and A4e for a demonstration called by Nottingham against Workfare and Stop G8 Notts. A “Workfare ain't Fair” was handed out and hundreds of leaflets entitled “Workfare is Class warefare” were handed out to shoppers, as well as those employed and harassed by A4e and…

Save the NHS this Christmas


Broxtowe Save Our NHS target local MP Anna Soubry

This morning in Beeston the Broxtowe Save Our NHS campaign delivered its Christmas spectacular. A giant Christmas card was brought into Beeston, on which people were able to send their messages of seasonal goodwill to their MP, Anna Soubry. These messages were of course somewhat infused with the feelings people have about the NHS, and the dama…

Protest at the Government +1st Anniversary

October 20, 2012 12:00


Nottingham Old Market Square